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What is Metalink NFT? Detailed information about the project

What is Metalink NFT? Detailed information about project

What is Metalink NFT? Detailed information about the project

When it comes to owning and investing in non-fungible tokens (NFTs), it’s crucial to have portfolio trackers in place. With numerous NFT projects to manage, it can become disorganized and confusing. Utilizing NFT portfolio trackers enables you to keep all your projects in one location and ensures you don’t misplace any essential information. However, it’s vital to select the portfolio tracker that aligns with your specific requirements, as each one has its distinct set of attributes. Certain portfolio trackers also offer useful features like Metalink, which is also a chat application. Let’s see in detail what Metalink NFT’s private chat app represents.

What is an NFT Portfolio Tracker?

Funded by notable Web3 figures Guy Oseary, Gary Vaynerchuk, and CEO Jake Udell, Metalink aims to be the first mobile platform where NFT collectors can talk, track and transact.

Metalink NFT app enables users to monitor the value of their collection, keep track of purchases and sales, manage their digital assets, and chat with other investors and owners. The umbrella NFT app is available on the Apple App Store. It serves as a complement to Metalink’s website, connected with 100,000 crypto wallets.

Metalink was introduced in August 2021 as a chat app for Cryptopunks exclusively, which was then the world’s most popular and valuable NFT collection.

It enabled verified punk owners to simply connect and chat with each other by linking their wallets. In just three days of its launch, over 15% of CryptoPunk owners joined the platform.

Following this, Yuga Labs established a Metalink server for the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and more than 20% of Ape owners joined within the first two days. Now, after six months, Metalink has attracted over 100,000 of the world’s most prominent NFT collectors. Metalink is the go-to platform for secure communication and NFT tracking.

Metalink NFT main features are:

  • Track the NFT prices
  • Chat with other NFT collectors
  • Aggregated announcements from NFT collection chatrooms
  • Message other wallets on Metalink

Despite being one of the strongest online communities, the NFT community has yet to be served by a mobile app specifically designed for investors and owners. Platform Metalink has created an app that allows users to remain informed about essential information concerning their NFTs and the community as a whole. Metalink NFT is in direct partnership with OpenSea and has received investment from several prominent figures, including Social Capital, Gemini, Dapper Labs, Guy Oseary, and Gary Vaynerchuk.

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