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ALINK AI (ALINK) ICO Destined to Change the Game

ALINK AI (ALINK) ICO offering to change the game

ALINK AI (ALINK) ICO Destined to Change the Game

ALINK is a new blockchain-based product that offers a decentralised online marketplace for anyone to use. Similar products have been seen before, but there are some things that ALINK does that really makes it stand out compared to the rest of the competition. Specifically, it allows participants to use Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) services. AGI is a specific type of artificial intelligence and aims to mimic human intelligence for a wide range of tasks. The difference in this type of AI lies in the type of tasks it is able to undertake. Developers design most AI to address specific problems beyond the capabilities of most human beings would not be able to handle. AGI is for broader problems that humans will be able to comprehend. Such AI can aid us in building models for a wide range of subjects. This includes the analysis of networks, videos, images, text and speech.

On the ALINK platform, developers will also be able to launch their own AI services for users to enjoy. They will also be able to create self-governing AI that will be able to interact with other such AGI services on the platform.

ALINK AI data services

The model for the network is to offer developers a place to train their machine learning models. This is the AI-Training-as-a-Service (AI-TaaS) model. This is typically a service that has its basis in cloud technology. The platform, then, should offer developers a large amount of data.

ALINK provides participants with additional services as well to further this service model. It gives them a data marketplace where they can trade data directly. It provides an easy and efficient way for those interested in trading data to meet and do business. Why exactly would users want to trade data on this platform, you may ask? The main reason is that data purchasers will then be able to use the data to train their own AI. This is through the process of data labelling, which involves annotating data to make it more understandable to AI. This data marketplace will therefore be able to enhance AI services further. Developers will be able to create, train, and test out their AI all on the same blockchain ecosystem!

As for ALINK’s financing model, it will collect revenue on the platform on small fees for the transactions that take place within it.

Users will be able to perform transactions with the cryptocurrency ALINK token, creating a true marketplace. The ALINK AI ICO price currently stands at 0.03 USD. The platform will be hosted on the Binance Chain, a popular decentralised open-source network. Buying tokens will not be available for too long until the 9th of July, 2023. Therefore there still is time to try and make an investment in this new opportunity.

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