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LightLink ICO Is Still Trending. Don’t Miss It 

LightLink ICO Is Still Trending. Don't Miss It

LightLink ICO Is Still Trending. Don’t Miss It

LightLink is an enterprise-focused layer 2 blockchains specifically tailored for the on-chain gaming and metaverse industry. With its focus on interoperability, scalability, and user-centric features, this company aims to reinforce the growth and adoption of on-chain blockchain use cases for enterprises. Besides, LightLink ICO is causing a stir in the market.

Scalability and Efficiency with Optimistic Rollup Technology

One of LightLink’s standout features is its use of optimistic rollup technology. The latter enables it to scale far beyond Ethereum’s maximum volume of 15 transactions per second (tps). Moreover, the platform processes transactions off-chain and compresses them into a rollup posted onto Ethereum periodically. Thus, LightLink achieves a surprising magnitude of over 400k transactions per day at an upper limit of 5,172 tps. This significant boost in efficiency helps avoid the high gas fees and execution bottlenecks often faced by layer 1 blockchains. Thus, this company offers a reliable solution for projects with substantial transaction throughput, like games and metaverses.

LightLink: Low Fees and ETH Compatibility

LightLink provides an appealing fee structure, with gas fees as low as $0.001. Notably, the company stands out by enabling users to cover these costs with ETH instead of requiring the use of its own native token, LL. Consequently, individuals can effortlessly link their ETH from Ethereum’s Mainnet to LightLink using the official bridge, ensuring a smooth and user-centric process.

Low Fees and ETH Compatibility

Enterprise Mode: Unlocking Feeless Transactions

LightLink further differentiates itself with its Enterprise Mode, allowing enterprises to subsidize the cost of transactions by creating a gas station. By enabling this gas station, a smart contract running on the network nullifies gas costs for user transactions on that enterprise’s protocol for a predetermined period. This empowers protocols leveraging Enterprise Mode to offer their clients feeless transactions. Besides, such an approach removes barriers that discourage businesses from adopting on-chain solutions.

Security and Compatibility with Ethereum

As an optimistic rollup, LightLink assumes that all transactions within a batch are valid. However, network participants can challenge this assumption with cryptographic proofs, ensuring the integrity of transactions. Once the window to challenge batches has ended, the transactions achieve finality, and no one can reverse it. This technology makes LightLink highly compatible with Ethereum and enhances its security and reliability.

Upcoming LL Token Sale and Trending Momentum

The LightLink ICO is set to take place in August. The company will offer the native token, LL, at an ICO token price of 1 LL = 0.06 USD. With a fundraising goal of $400,000 and a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens, 22.5% of tokens will be available for the token sale. The LightLink project is already gaining traction and trending in the blockchain community due to its promising features, as well as its potential impact on the on-chain gaming and metaverse industry.

Furthermore, this project is making waves in the blockchain space, offering a scalable and user-friendly layer 2 blockchain solution for the on-chain gaming and metaverse industry. With its optimistic rollup technology, low fees, ETH compatibility, and innovative Enterprise Mode, LightLink aims to transform how enterprises interact with blockchain applications. As the project gains momentum and approaches its upcoming token sale, the future looks bright for the company.

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